ORION. He was the son of Bill Lear who was the founder of Learjet and Moya Marie Olsen Lear (mother). When he spoke, Moore said that he and others had been part of an elaborate, long-term disinformation campaign begun primarily to discredit Paul Bennewitz: "My role in the affair was primarily that of a freelancer providing information on Paul's (Bennewitz) current thinking and activities". Its the 4th planet from Zeta Reticuli 2. Lear made multiple appearances on TV shows, including Ancient Aliens, America's Book of Secrets,Brad Meltzer's Decoded, and The Unexplained Files. And it doesnt radiate heat as such. In 1856 a Danish mathematician and astronomer, Peter Andreas Hansen, proposed there was a bump on the far side of the Moon, center of gravity was actually placed 57 kilometers farther out in space than had been generally realized. The Statement argues that many in the "original group" of insiders committed suicide, most notably James Forrestal. Every article you read on Anomalien is made possible thanks to the generous donations of our supporters. Before the army reached them Bob took a gun and ran into the desert, to hide. It also suggests that the fact that there are many habitable planets in the universe, such as Earth, has been hidden. In 1989, the pair issued an "indictment" demanding that the US "cease aiding and abetting and concealing this Alien Nation which exists in our borders. John Lear was a famed record-breaking American pilot, a well-known conspiracy theorist, and former State Senate candidate. There was a five hundred percent increase of drug traffic from Afganistan after Osama was eliminated. [12], In 1965, Lear was employed by the Paul Kelly Flying Service when its founder was killed while piloting a LearJet. And I know Johns father did exactly this too. John Lear. Now, these arent the real names, except the top one is Majestic. He has flown over 150 aircraft and has earned every certificate granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. Would like to know what would today's customers would expect from a bar & lounge. Two people, not knowing in advance what will be discussed, practically, one to one, described the existence of civilizations on the moon. Grey killed a soldier when he walked armed into the room where the alien was instructing a group of scientists. His take on Grey aliens is unique?, how they are a sort of servants for whoever owns the human genetic project. And then above that, theres 28 levels of Top Secret Crypto. John Lear carved his own path, setting multiple records as an aviator. The Orion Lines. Lear talks about Dulce Base and an altercation between aliens and the US military that led to 66 human casulaties. This has been done for the last 40 years. They preceded to drive home and were stopped by the county sheriff. Mossad couldnt figure out how the pilots got off course. in 1870, when a guy named Simon Newcomb came to Paris and told everybody that Peter Andreas Hansen was full of beans. Tributes have been paid to John Lear, the influential coach who worked with some of the biggest . The Orion Lines Subscribe Today. The original inhabitants of the Moon were ready for this and descended into deep hiding places. He died on 12 August 1793, in Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States, at the . The first flight to Mars took place in 1966, says Lear. Lear remained a prominent voice in the UFO conspiracy theory community until his death. 11. r/chicago. Sheriff was asking them about the the gun and the extra fifth guy - Bob. Iapetus is probably a spaceship too. [15], In 1968, Air Force personnel from Hamilton Air Force Base launched a rescue effort to help Lear land after heavy San Francisco fog interfered with landing. I just dont know! Its called Fleet 21, theres not one person on it. In 1989, the pair issued an "indictment" demanding that the US "cease aiding and abetting and concealing this Alien Nation which exists in our borders. His wife, Marilee is the owner of a California fashion modeling agency at Los Angeles, USA. another near Aztec, New Mexico and a third near Laredo, Texas. The cure for AIDS And Mossad was handling the whole thing. And the rays reflecting through the atmosphere will go more towards yellow. John Olsen Lear by itself is not exactly a whistleblower. And Mossad was handling the whole thing. They were on their way out. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The 20ccs are metabolized in 36 hours, having dissolved the protein coat on the virus. Surprisingly, both participants plunged into a half-asleep state, and returning from it, they gave the correct answers. [26] "[40] Once he finished the speech, Moore immediately left the hotel and Las Vegas that same night. American scientist explained why death does not exist, Secret corridor discovered inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, Explanation for mysterious dust that fell from the sky in the US appeared, Hey explorer! There is much less water there, but for now it is enough. UFOs 2022; UFOs 2023; Orbs. By 1978, UFO mythology included a crashed flying saucer near Roswell. The reason I think that is because the Enterprise definitely went 75 knots, TWA 800 [Trans World Airlines Flight 800] was shot down by a Navy submarine, it was an accident, the missile was aimed at a drone. I have been frustrated since the day I left the Moon by that question, the intention of 9/11 was to polarize American opinion against Muslims and to get rid of the Osama who was shutting down heroin poppy field and was causing a disastrous monetary lose to the illegal drug industry. And the deal was, if the Khomeini would delay the release of the hostages until Reagans inauguration, that the Reagan-Bush administration would supply him, the Iranian regime, unlimited guns and ammunition throughout their administration, which would go from 1980 to 1988, My part in that was to deliver those guns and ammunition from Tel Aviv to Teheran. That was until He started making stuff up, Bennewitz was on to some very good information. William wanted to keep this hidden, swept under the carpet, but John refused to do so and got himself a full ban. He lived down on Third Street with his wife, Josephine, and they were in our house just like Vandenberg, just like Twining, all those MJ-12 guys, Its theorized that there is one black hole for every galaxy, Its theorized that every black hole has its OWN galaxy, HIV - the protein coat is on the virus itself, The recycle time of the gravity amplifier is 10 milliseconds, we have got two live aliens from Roswel, one died shortly after the other one lived until 1956, we have found so far there are eighteen different alien species monitorning planet Earth, oh yeah Clifford [Stone], he knows everything, four, not three, astronauts had died on Apollo launch pad on January 27th, 1967. Moreover, he was the former CIA pilot and known for his UFO conspiracy ideas and Lear has also reported to have flown secret missions for the CIA which is between 1967 and 1983. It is important to note that any information form John is at best second hand information. Offering a condensed history of events since 1947, Lear tells investigative journalist George Knapp that the government has even housed aliens at two U.S. sites. Moore's claims sent shock waves through the small, tight-knit UFO community[citation needed], which remains divided as to the reliability of his assertions. [27][28], The Statement claims a UFO coverup has been underway for 40 years. He was 79 years old. Copyright 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. The fourth astronaut belonged to secret astronaut corps. Regardless of how weak the immune system is, the virus will be destroyed. Jeff admitted it, its a done deal. They went there on Wednesday evenings when the UFOs were being tested. If you get out of the crater it takes a little longer. Shortly after Newton died, somebody modified his thoughts to make what is called the Newton Law of Universal Gravitation, forests, meadows, lakes, rivers, people, civilizations, and its on a band of the Moon thats just beyond where we can see. Delta Force attempted to retaliate. Out of 2,800 people, only two managed to do it. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has no record of them taking off. [33] We interviewed our tech expert, Jaime Vazquez, to learn more about accessible smart home devices. And at the end, the soldier would take the M-16 and poke it into his stomach. Lear has abundant evidence that these beings visited our planet and continue to do so today, and he also said that there are underground cities beneath the surface . We have 231 records for John Lear ranging in age from 37 years old to 93 years old. And he drank the cup. Its none of his friggin business. EG&G, which is where Lazar says he was interviewed for the job at S4, also has no records." Jeff Ritzmann and David Biedne. Pilots were intercepted by the Russian MIGs who knew what was going on and didnt like it. LAS VEGAS (KLAS) Famed Nevada aviator John Lear, known for his world records and his UFO activism, has died. The alleged cure for AIDS lies in the excrement of the white fungus thats grown from the Chinese cucumber Trichosanthes kirilowii. As an adult, he flew commercial planes as an airline captain for 35 years. Very Good.. Theres billions of us in the universe. Nazca Aliens. Guns were coming into Tel Aviv from Zaragosa, our Air Force base in Spain. [8][9], In 1956, Lear flew his first flight at age 14. [35], Lazar's claims were widely discredited. John claims Newton never thought a mass had to be specified. Some believe this gives his claims more credibility, validity. John Lear (1942-2022), was and is one of the few pilots to publicly comment on the 'planes' on 9/11. NASA didnt specifically kill those guys, just Grissom, but they let it happen. And immediately he felt, you know, dizzy. It just cant happen, I dont believe you could remote control an airplane the size of a 767-200 anyway, particularly to hit dead center of the World Trade Center, There was no wreckage from ANY airplane in the World Trade Center. In 1980, when Reagan and Bush were running against Carter and Mondale, as you know, the hostages were still in Iran, in Teheran. On May 15, 1989, KLAS-TV broadcast a live interview between George Knapp and a man clad in shadow and using the pseudonym "Dennis". Lear's Statement includes government-sanctioned alien abductions, alien implants, and Alien-Human hybrids. The entire thing was done by Nasty NASA Nazis. [20] That November, Lear ran for Nevada State Senate, earning the endorsement of a "Coalition for Affordable Energy". Lear talks about Dulce Base and an altercation between aliens and the US military that led to 66 human casulaties. It radiates electromagnetism and each planet has its own filtering system. The following November, Lazar again appeared, this time unmasked and under his own name. But these are exactly the technologies that emerged after the US government invested billions or trillions of dollars in all of Teslas research, says Lear. And he described exactly what he felt like. According to Cooper's first post, in 1966 he was serving aboard the USS Tiru when he and fellow Navy personnel witnessed a metal craft "larger than a football field" repeatedly enter and exit the water. As the story goes the incident ended with the Grey alien killing 66 people which included Delta Force and the scientists. Lovelace Institute was where they did the autopsies of the bodies, theres a video floating around, 3 minutes on the internet, that shows my dad [William Powell Lear] giving a lecture, with my mom standing behind him, with pictures of saucers on the blackboard at the Monson Institute to a group of scientists, he [Milton William Bill Cooper] got what we call UFO disease. And UFO disease is something that we get, we are just so in demand as speakers and weve already told whatever we know, so now we got to make up a little more to keep the interest. And hed say: And I understand that, you know, I am being briefed. And then as soon as they got them over Russia, just shot their ass down, which was a message to Mossad: Hey, we dont want this to go on. Going on, we have to develop, sun is an electromagnetic sphere and what it does, it reacts with the electromagnetics of certain planets, all the planets in the solar system, which enables them to have atmospheres and environments just like Earth, Mercury is not hot enough to melt lead, its just like Earth, Neptune is not a big gas giant, its just like Earth. They had him drink the pine-smelling fluid. [citation needed] From 2003 to 2015, Lear was a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM. Iapetus is probably a spaceship too, The air settles into the craters and if youre in the crater, you can breathe fine. There was a strict selection of five stages. He said he felt like he was in a well that was 100 feet deep, that his arms were 100 feet long, and he was just holding on to the sides of the well, just barely with his fingertips. By 1973, UFO mythology told of a UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base;[24] A 'strikingly similar' landing served as the climax to 1977's blockbuster Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Does he have a Brother named David? He was part of the operation, the Navy has an underground tube system that goes all around the world, and its very, very fast. A good example of that would be Kerry Vs Steven Greer. When he spoke, Moore said that he and others had been part of an elaborate, long-term disinformation campaign begun primarily to discredit Paul Bennewitz: "My role in the affair was primarily that of a freelancer providing information on Paul's (Bennewitz) current thinking and activities". John Lear also said that NASA astronauts flew to Mars in 1966. He lived in Franklin, Pennsylvania, United States in 1790.

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