The Forerunner 265 series watches have become Garmin's lowest-priced AMOLED display endurance sports-focused watch, coming in at roughly half the price of the Garmin Epix series launched a year ago - but here with full multiband GNSS support on all Forerunner 265 units, while also adding in Training Readiness - a major Garmin endurance sports focused feature. heavy riders have an advantage on flat courses.. plus 60-70kg is perferctly normal body weight for adult cyclists, nothing worth complaining about. people need to stop taking Zwift racing so seriously. If you've already created an accountcheck out the s. We would like to thank the community for your passion and feedback. Prior to joining the team, he had written for most major publications in the cycling world, including CyclingWeekly, Rouleur, and CyclingTips. Tour de Zwift events were races? Hes had to up his weight as he is only 35kg ( upped time 45kg) he but puts out 220watt so his ftp is 5.5-6w/kg in a race. If you are on the lighter side, try picking some climbing races. How does it work? Withings scale that automatically updates your Zwift weight, a month ago in the final post of my race category series,,,, Zwift x UCI To Host Cycling Events for the Olympic Esports Series 2023, Race London ZRacing March Series Details, Notable Zwift Events for the Weekend of March 4-5. Thanks! Not too many people actually want to see other peoples height or weight except to be able to verify race results are reasonable. Zwift now allows for hiding Zwift automatically connects If you don't own power meter pedals, Zwift's non-contract pricing for a Zwift cycling membership is $15 . There is no reason I should be gettingRead more , Sounds like its time to start racing the Bs, @guest_35522! Zwift doesn't need a fancy code fix, they don't need special anti-cheat software, special post race investigations, and they don't need to change anything other than when the game updates personal attributes. I dont think any of my shorter (under 5ft10) running or cycling friends weights more than that. On Zwift Power categories have both a wattage requirement and a w/kg requirement. Contribute a post, shop through us, make a donation, advertise on this site. I have heard women admit on social rides that their zwift weight is their goal weightRead more . Just like the CEO promised us rowing years ago, right? Next up is the most finicky part of the process finding your Zwift ID in order to connect your accounts. Best turbo trainers: Smart trainers to improve your indoor cycling experience I think a once-weekly weigh-in is acceptable. For example, if a rider has an FTP of 210 watts and weighs 75 kilograms, that means the rider's FTP is 2.8 w/kg. But without any hard and fast rules, we cant say anything is illegalat least for certain races. 2.5w/kg (215Watts) is hard for me to hold for extended periods but I keep trying. It must be very hard to do with many, many lines of code to implement otherwise it wouldve been done by now, In reality these changes would not (will not) impact cheating. Zwift posted a follow-up message on the forum, Zwift x UCI To Host Cycling Events for the Olympic Esports Series 2023, Race London ZRacing March Series Details, Notable Zwift Events for the Weekend of March 4-5. Would achieve the same thing. I ride B category races & never podium but have been puzzled as I always seem to have a higher w/kg than most of the other riders in the race. Im about to end up in the same situation (last races at 3.99, 3.98 and 3.99 W/kg) and Im not really worried about being promoted to A. EDIT Found my answer: 250w, Theres a chart about halfway down this page: Threshold HR is around 151 bpm. otherwise no way in hell hes beating you. Additionally, well be moving forward on hiding height and weight from Zwift Companion and Web. Put simply, ZwiftPower is a community-driven website that complements the Zwift app. Category systems are complex beasts, of course, I agree, people can have fun with weight doping and such aslong they dont enter competitive races. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). Choose a Zwift workout, but before you start riding look at the workout breakdown on the left side of the screen. MyRead more . Leave the setting unchanged and climbs often feel challenging. Well, imagine youre a strong C racer. Its a huge problem. Check out this FAQ for some of our frequently asked questions: Q:&. Most of the time, this will be what you use to figure out your race category. In order to ride with him I have to drop my weight to allow me to keep up. Plus imagine how bigRead more . Adjusting Difficulty Before Your Workout. The Tour de Zwift events this year were much moreRead more , Wait. Manually change your weight in Zwift by adding 10 pounds. First up, you'll have to head to and log in, then click on Settings > Profile > Connections and choose 'opt-in' under the ZwiftPower logo. Zwift excessively rewards the athlete for being light and small. With my question answered as to what I should pick for my next race, Id delete my original post if I could, but I cannot figure out how. As we said in the first post, "Assuming race organizers can access the data via ZwiftPower, and the site includes simple tools for spotting potential weight or height dopers (perhaps flagging those who made dramatic changes recently), then hiding weight and height data from the public should work swimmingly." IRL cycling pros are not exactly heavy weights and lean-ness is highly encouraged. Yes us heavier riders have the downhill advantage definitely. Some Zwifters go so far as to social-stalk other riders, comparing their photos to their Zwift weight and calling them out for weight doping. If its not done during a competitive Zwift event, I dont see it as a problem. My IRL time and my Zwift time are almost the same. points based), riders can win by any margin any number of times and remain in their category so long as they do not exceed category limits. 0.5kg discrepancy either side is actually quite small. Some people are clearly living in a fantasy on zwift. This community-driven site is maintained by Eric Schlange and a team of Zwift enthusiasts. That guy who weighs 300lbs and gets 1st place in Cs for a month straight should be automatically upgraded to Bs and Bs to As. I would suggest a free (for now) virtual race license that would outline racer behavior with consequences. hanging with the front group is very though for me because i am exactly at the bridge between A and B. You must be a much better person than me, because thats something I will Never make peace with. yea but realistically is it worth it for them to dedicate the resources to that $$$$$$$, Well, thats good news. I dont think it can all be attributed to weight; it appears that some hardware tweaks can scale up the reported power output. I still have no sprint kick so Im never winning anything anyway. You should do much better at your actual weight in that case. However, insecure Freds jumpingRead more , I am new to Zwift, but I do wonder how it is youll see a bunch of people finish at the front of a D race at 4-5 W/kg. Youve got people putting out 5+ watts/kilo atRead more . England and Wales company registration number 2008885. IRead more , Aaron, do you know what is the wattage requirement for Cat A? But youre training and racing and getting stronger, and eventually your FTP improves to 260 watts, which is 3.25 w/kg. Race specific phase: 3x10min 50-60rpm intervals with . On a tablet or smartphone, you can download the. If you're on Zwift and planning to get racing, then signing up to the third-party app ZwiftPower (opens in new tab) is an essential step. The latest race content, interviews, features, reviews and expert buying guides, direct to your inbox! It's a bit more complicated than most website sign-ups, but now you'll be all ready to get started. Fluctuations of a few percent would be tolerated and percent change would be displayed on ZP. Great drafting skills!, Heres the thing: I probably am a fairly efficient racer, when I want to be. Not everyone has the same HRmax. Im the opposite. Someone with my FTP should be CAT B, regardless of weight. In fact, if in a long ride your weight could change by more than 1kg over the course of that one ride!!! Why you can trust Cyclingnews Thank you for signing up to The Pick. This site contains affiliate links to Amazon, Wahoo, and other brands. Zwift lets you adjust the difficulty of your workout, before or even during your ride. His favourite races are Strade Bianche and the Volta a Portugal, and he rides a Colnago C40. Ive seen many A Riders with 300 FTP on Zwift who I beat by a HUGE MARGIN at triathlon events, including the cycling portion. Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. More of an issue than thisRead more . Joining ZwiftPower isn't the most straightforward series of steps, but we've broken it down so you can get started as soon as possible. Maybe they should display and categorise HR as a %age? Ive been on a mission to get back to my racing weight in 2020. Or theyll ignore leaders instructions and ride off the front of a group (flyers). But I also did it because I knew it was great practice! Im in the same boat. So I dont expect to be as competitive vs. a pure cyclist. Even some of the regulated weight rides will give 2kg leeway. Im using a quarq crank power meter on my rock and roll while I save up for direct drive. I mean youve both got a point. You could attend races where all categories go together (same start, all riders visible) for a while if you find that to be more fun 5 year age categories and incredibly competitive a in most age groups, Thanks so much for your helpful comment. I am alleging that weight cheating is endemic in zwift, especially among those who care about winning. With Zwift control is difficult (in getting Zwifters to enter their accurate) wait. I am currently 145kg and have not experienced any bullying so far. In fact, you can change a workout on Zwift about as fast as you can U-turn a bicycle on a real hill. why because of weight, not power. Ive done multiple races where my main goal was to keep the watts as low as possible while hanging with the front group. Youll move a little slower with the added virtual weight, but youll be able to hang with the front of the Cs instead of getting shelled off the back of the Bs.

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