This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Again and again, she will surprise you by getting to plane with as little as 12 knots of wind. The summer average is 10 knots, and the race committee usually runs windward-leeward courses. hb```f``ra`a``wgd@ A&(L0j*x''0iA >(`Z%4$K-n3ib8]^AZj#YhGC^BPA ?3g4M*viF 2PO w Beneteau has a habit of re-designing their boats every few years, so the model numbers are tweaked. Has Beneteau managed to turn a niche sportsboat into a fun cruiser? Tim said that it would cost around half a knot letting the prop out. QOsCz4(#6!J2p)KricHh6jM?GpWydc'(> aI/+9{g/xDOM+?1*>v1,%g9Ar. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Schock 35 en venta en Sidney Canada. 1. Good job, Seascape! I fiddled around with these and could instantly see what my actions changed (mostly not for better performance ). The boat is a serious racer and the Seascape/First line sees their adversaries in the J-boats. CA 114. tGHOCgK,>4y>AMKX@) Seems like a reasonable place to start. The First 27 is a Sam Manuard-Design and has first hit the water in the year 2011. WL NS. While being as fast as most race boats, she also offers a surprising level of comfort. Farr Yacht Design have previously drawn the 36.7, 40.7 and 47.7 in Beneteau's First line. hk0}(%J i>X2uPAKQw'Zst0D:U[RXAH!PgA?f6A}D!u7xFsnc862'f}akg'1zd6gXZH0IgYnI$|ip3:%k".LnwfE)7zm>8 CY[zt1?8=i]y_+zY7kS)Z09AbaJbJT&Yl4 Contact Seller. Genoa Spin. That may take two times the length of a classic halyard but its just half the power needed to get sail up. %%EOF 23566 Lbeck HtKoA+=#IEEQdE%Rcr@bU,nw?t8vn[NN,GnO~7y"M~zA[;q[}Z2e\|:P;@e?@]qr2,"y]ryTz}wXqt7Z2q=ds z9E^9r2n4Zlj7[gTA@B*`Q*F *ehPY[DadQ@ddNj*`:G=f"/'|`G$"H$l@ U Vhxz h9y@y0m 6vvB@B3ZvWo>iZ=jrFf 2NC no wasting of precious interior volume for stowing away big travel bags or suitcases. We finally got ready to cast off. But what a great fun it was to feel her power come to full blossom when the jib was up! (Were they ever any good?) In this scenario were looking for light boats that are on the smaller end of the size range for each of the rating bands, but still retain the ability to perform in breezier conditions. NAVAL ARCHITECT : Samuel Manuard I am going to have this replaced with a more significant material soon. 32127 fireball 147 164 1.0043 0.9804 cw hood 32 147 sayc tim tucker 27 none flamingo 1 153 174 0.9957 0.9669 beneteau oceanis 35 150 sayc carl kennon 28 none flapjack octopus 210 233 0.9211 0.8940 tartan 34-1 cb 189 sayc erin rose 29 none frost byte 171 191 0.9709 0.9447 beneteau 331 156 none david frost 30 Compared to the SE version, this offers the benefits of simplicity, comfort and the convenience, without sacrificing the key ethos of a boat thats enormously enjoyable and satisfying to sail. Rating Base Rating Non-spin. The Farr office is world reknowned for their depth of design experience, mostly notably for racing boats of all stripes, but also for the ability to design true racer-cruisers. Copyright 2023 Sailing World. The Deep draft version displays a deeper fin allowing a lower center of gravity and extra performance especially upwind. Concept & R&D : Seascape. When we finally were flat running before the wind, surprisingly, when I furled away the job the boat didnt much slowed down. 0000040221 00000 n 0000039668 00000 n Key changes include a shorter aluminium mast with pinhead mainsail, a fixed fin keel with torpedo bulb and 30cm less draught, plus an inboard diesel engine. Rating NS Buoy Rating Endorsement Expire; PET-ABB33: ABBOTT 33 : TIGRESS : 123 : 150 : RACER CRUISER : . International Owners Community and events calendar enable owners to challenge themselves on long-distance. / 47 sq.metres, Yardstick Handicap 88 to 91 (depending). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The owner described the boat as being easy to handle even when pressed. I loved this idea as this 27 feet boat may be used for cruising and longer trips as well. They can even bury their feet deep under the cockpit in some tiny quarter berth-like bulges. So why change a winning formula? There is some hidden stowage underneath every thinkable corner. For boats of the same length, generally the higher the S#, the lower the PHRF. I as well liked the nice details: The tiller is made from carbon, very stiff yet lightweight: I know how pretty damn heavy a massive wooden tiller can turn out to be from my own boat. A large and open cockpit welcomes you with comfortable benches, a removable indoor/outdoor table and a swim ladder with a shower on the stern. I also liked the crew bags which can be taken off the boat and brought home no more laborious repacking needed. 0000038162 00000 n I opted to go for the all-electric alternative also offered by Beneteau, which is a Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 configuration. iC847}V>Ry=I9~pO&kD^R1KZO$ Y6H Although some cruiser-sailors might find this too much of trimming possibilities, I think this is quite fancy on a racing boat like this. She delivers extraordinary sailing experience up to today reserved for professional racers. The US Sailiing PHRF rating handbook lists a multitude of Beneteau models. Hence Beneteaus adaptation to create whats now called the First 27 (without the SE designation). 0000011320 00000 n Nevertheless, the First 27 offers 4 berths for adults of which two are situated in the fore cabin, two more on the side bunks in the saloon. Flagship of the new FIRST line, the First 27 is unquestionablythe fastest and safest cruiserin this size range. As Gurley notes, the FIRST line is intended for racing/cruising, and is faster and more ruggedly built than an equivalent Oceanis model. . Tim on the other hand told me, that this was one of the main aspects of the Seascape/First 27 with a displacement of just 1.400 kilograms all it needs to get it running is a light puff indeed. You may read a dedicated article about the differences of both boats soon. Until we noticed that we had forgot to take in the engine. Racer/Cruiser Definitions. So, all in all, the nice little details signalled that the guys back in Slovenia really pushed the limits and invested a lot of thoughts to create a very fine vessel. The company is a large and recognized boat builder, commanding a substantial worldwide market, with its holding company (Groupe Beneteau) now also holding other prestige brands such as Jeanneau and its multihull subsidiary Lagoon in 1995. Just top of the pops equipment on the First 27. ORC - Club Certificate. . provides data for the annual PHRF HANDICAP listings (The Red, White, & Blue Book) published by the UNITED STATES SAILING ASSOCIATION. In the midsection, you'll find a galley with a gas burner and a sink with fresh water. BENETEAU First 40 SD: 45: BENETEAU First 40 TM/DK: 27: BENETEAU 405 SD: 102: BENETEAU 405 TM: 87: BENETEAU 405 TM SD: 96: BENETEAU 40.7: 54: BENETEAU 40.7 SD: 66 . View this Sloop and other Sail boats on The easiest way to keep your boat safe and ready to cruise anytime. 0000040781 00000 n Were ready to provide you with the assistance and expertise needed to launch you and your BENETEAU on a lifetime of happy, rewarding, and memorable voyages. US Sailing Resource Library. The boats are very fast. The original version of the Sam Manuard-designed Seascape 27 (now branded as the Beneteau First 27 SE) has long been one of my favourite small yachts. The Seascape/First 27 is a fun boat to sail, she may be a beast when ridden properly and a serious contender on inshore as well as on coastal regattas. With no jib unfurled yet the boat accelerated which I found highly interesting. Apart from the fact that everything on this 1.200 kilograms of boat is subdued to being light weight and the boat bears the allure of a Pogo, its quite spacious though! Beneteau or Bnteau (French pronunciation: ) is a French sail and motor boat manufacturer, with production facilities in France and in the United States. Ver fotos y detalles de este barco o buscar ms barcos Schock en venta en She was built between 1978 and 1980 by Bnteau (France). Beneteau bought Seascape and updated the boats and called those the First SE's. The First 27 is a detuned SE. INTERIOR DESIGN : Sito First 27 SE is a real high-performance planing sailboat, easily achieving thrilling double-digit speeds and delivering an incomparable sailing experience, resulting from modern design and building technologies. Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) ratings are based on the speed potential of the boat, determined as far as possible on observations of previous racing experiences. . Quote. Save. yeah, just contact your local BENETEAU dealer, he should be able to obtain these data. f3`@Y WFb She may also be sailed as a cruiser and can offer quite some amenities to a young couple destined to have the sailing adventures of their lives. This very sharp rise in resistance, between speed-length ratio of 1.2 to 1.5, is insurmountable for heavy sailboats and so becomes an apparent barrier. Current Fleet List. We are in south east Florida. Well-thought cockpit ergonomy, no runners, balanced twin-rudder steering system all empower the sailors. Its superb seaworthiness, which crowned the boat with the B category, results from boat design, cutting-edge building technology and many safety features: three separated insubmersibility chambers, swinging keel system in case of grounding and increased bow volume with crash box. Engine. 0000000016 00000 n Bearing away further to a true wind angle of 120 on our return to harbour we maintained 5.5 knots of speed in 6.5 knots of true wind. 167 0 obj <> endobj The aim is to cancel out the inherent advantages and disadvantages of each class of boats, so that results reflect crew skill rather than equipment superiority. Other than that, the bpat is pretty naked and the yard leaves it upto the owner to configure and equip the sailboat to every single skippers needs. Chasotstrae 12 Loosely based on the "Arbitrary Fleet" of the West Coast of the 1940's, PHRF emerged in the early 1980's as an empirically based handicapping system to give sailors easier access to a handicap than afforded by measurement rules. As I'm sure you realize, PHRF doesn't care if the boat is extremely well sailed and equipped. Home Competition Offshore PHRF Boat Class Lookup, Ran Aground? Please use the contact-page. From what little I know about Beneteau designs, some are designed for racing and some for cruising. However, the Beneteau First 27 has more than enough inherent stability that its not dependent on crew weight for this, so you can sit wherever is most comfortable or convenient. Interior Appearance. She is designed to sleep up to 6 adults, 2 in the bow cabin and up to 4 in a very bright and openly-spaced salon, and is also equipped with a removable table and fridge. The boat is mostly sold to the Adriatic, Germany and mid-European countries. Originally opting for the Oceanis 30.1, as well made by Beneteau, I ended up to choose the First 27 for these reasons: My First 27 was the last unit to be delivered with One Sails laminate garments but the First so-called SE-boat. phrf ratings summary - 2014 fcsa - novermber 20 spin . Nautic boat show 2022 : Spotlight on remarkable sustainable innovations at BENETEAU, Beginner Sailing Guide: How to choose the right sailboat and learn how to sail, Seven Essential Checks to Make Before Relaunching Your Sailboat. In this scenario we want a boat with good all-around performance, especially for headsail reaches, a point of sail where many modern boats with non-overlapping headsails struggle. There are so many appealing things about that boat and Id like to address this in this article. xref Schock 35 for sale in Sidney British Columbia. LIVING ONBOARD The GEKKO is now sold to another young skipper late 2022. Up to now more than 150 units have been made and sold, which makes up for some 15 per cent of Seascapes annual production. 89 90 108 roos bill nfcc southern cross beneteau first 36.7 158 90 45 65 greiner glenn rcoj, hryc spirit dobroth 45 42845 This makes it a very interesting option for a weekender, or even a quick summer evening sail, where the ability to return quickly to base is an imperative. Historically one of the downsides of small boats like this has often been when conditions get tough. . Adj. All interior is modular, so one can quickly empty it and reduce weight for racing needs. What might look minimalistic is the extremely weight-sensitive interior, where all components are also functioning as part of the boat structure. Ecommerce; local private investigators. I opted to go for the all-electric alternative also offered by Beneteau, which is a Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 configuration. An excellent, all-around performer thats easy to drive around the course, and can still be found at reasonable prices. All the power is nothing if you can't manage it. Well-thought cockpit ergonomy, no runners, balanced twin-rudder steering system all empower the sailors. Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 - prop unit retrieved So with quite some nice wind going on we finally dropped the lines and Tim brought us about. At the risk of adding another facet to an already complicated decision, we tasked PHRF guru Bruce Bingman with identifying a few boats that are likely to sail above their rating in certain conditions. 0000036141 00000 n No banging, no clinging, no whatsoever. #t5A&8L((H=D|v'F0CUWE RLUDeH\\}?fI6o?-%}P Available Soon. The boat has a CE B category certification for up to 6 people and a CE C for 8 people. Being a small boat the First 27 is porposed to be driven by an outboard engine of some 10 hp. She is sourcing her performance from a modern hull design and light but stiff vacuum-infused hull construction. Back in harbour we moored the boat and now she wasnt appearing so small at last. I went for the First 27 after a long process of decision making which boat to buy and what for. The interior is brighter, more spacious and more civilised, thanks in part to the lack of a box for the lifting keel, although you still have to step over the frames in the bottom of the boat and theres no standing headroom. 0000038939 00000 n Like Jackdaw says, it would be unusual for the PHRF committee to hit him more than 3 or 6 seconds, and few races are decided by such a slim margin. The Displacement Length Ratio (DLR) is a figure that points out the boat's weight compared to its waterline length. r` More. 6~U2s>' X~~k "`#ph5~#sXjK[vf=W]bJI O oXr>i }7`CRpvk2?RqbEXzz?YM'mz%H]rZ=_zLF 8>H6QH2 Y]P?dFX0|]oc n azxK/@"0Oa'/$8x#IA]9qa<4@;? #gs! `"k{o8xR8_ YD*5WB O{9p5&NTI] 7}vad We steamed against the wind and I must say the sheer loudness of the engine was terribly annoying! Practical yet ground-breaking innovations that were visible on the First 44e and the Oceanis 30.1e sailing yachts world premiered at the Nautic Boat Show in Paris. Yet this was not an edge-of-control ride the boat handled as though it was on rails, with heaps of reserve in the rudders, even when pressed hard. At any given time, they are only building one model in that size range, although the SD,SM,WK is just a keel option. t mobile 800 recycled napkins bears passing defense. 0000035215 00000 n SE stands for Seascape edition which is basically the original Seascape with carbon, laminate and thrills. Check out this Used 2005 Beneteau First 36.7 for sale in Deale, MD 20751. Join me on my voyage to becoming a skilful yachtmaster, in sailing my own boat and exploring the seas, visiting various ports and marinas and meeting so many interesting people. Though there is not much to switch as the Seascape/First 27 really is a no-frills sailboat for sure! View this Sloop and other Sail boats on . Spinnaker Rating Non-spin. Boat Name. endstream endobj 171 0 obj <>stream Planing at double-digit speeds is easier than ever. 2020 PHRF-NB Membership/Rating Certificate. I beared away and the boat instantly jumped to speed! 2005 Beneteau First 36.7. She was very, very responsive at the helm thanks to the direct and pure feedback felt in the tiller. Ive come to order two bean bags for the First 27 as well because these are great when at anchor or at the jetty to lay down, recline and enjoy boat life. beneteau 41s5 84 99 90 us phrf base handicap report (v.1.2) page 2 september 15, 2011 . Its a bit of a hazzle to clear the engine for use, but on the other hand there is neither a screw nor a shaft hampering the hulls flow through the water whatsoever when retracted. Call for Price. The string may be operated from above as well. Thanks to innovative magnetic doors, the mid-section of the boat can be converted to the proper marine toilette, front cabin extension or "wet-room" for sail-changes. Manufacturer Model I J P E LOA LWL Draft Beam Disp Bal Keel Buoy RLC OW; Adhara: 30: 40.84: 12.02: 36.25: 12.25: 29.89: 24.97: 5.7: 10.67: 5400: 2300: Fin: 84: 87: 90 . What I found really interesting was the magnetic doors which may either be used to close the head, close the fore cabin or simply taken off. Sure, her sawnoff transom is quite trendy, but overall her appearance in elevation gives her the look of a scaled-down Beneteau First 40.7 and although this boat has been a firm favourite with. Boat Type. Lines of the running rigging are provided by high quality Robline-products. But it was nevertheless interesting to see how the internal volume is used in the Seascape/First 27. We then beared away to a nice beam reach and tried this on both starboard and port tack. The Seascape/First 27 was making 7.6 to 7.9 knots over ground and it was great fun. BENETEAU FIRST CLASS 10 : KELLY : 99 : 119 : RACER CRUISER : 07/01/2023 : LAN-BNT1150: BENETEAU IDYLLE 1150 : AFTERNOON DELIGHT : 138 : . PAB 0 PHRF 30 to 70:. 0000022045 00000 n I did have the chance to speak to the Seascape guys during Cannes Yachting Festival and they too reassured me that they see a bright future for both their approach to sailing as seen in the Seascape boats and moreover for the boats which will follow. x{{xTZ{Ir$dLH y@$'Oy&HPPZ_HWVC(L$7 Sport Boat Definitions. PHRF 115 and up: The C&C 35 MK I is often overlooked. Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 includes small headsail 51 8/27/2019 Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 SM includes small headsail 54 1/20/2020 Beneteau Oceanis 49 84 10/27/2016 Bermuda 30 . Sail area is also reduced compared to the original, by a little under 20% upwind and 13% downwind. You like the smaller fun boats?

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