McCormick Theological Seminary; D. (1979-1999)B.S. F. Eugene Tidmore, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics. (2004-2020)B.S., Tarleton State U.; M.Ed., ibid. The campus, targeted for a 2023 . schedule an appointment with a TIAA investment professional or attend a seminar. Aim to contribute this much (which can include contributions from your employer, if available) throughout your entire working career. (1974-2021).B.A., U. of Oklahoma; J.D.,ibid. Consider adding annuities1 to your retirement plan so you can create a foundation of guaranteed monthly income for life when you stop working. Carolyn A. Backus, D.M.A., Professor of Vocal Studies. ; Ph.D.,ibid. As you get older, more of that money may need to go toward healthcare and other essential expenses. (2000-2018)B.A., Baylor Univ. (1966-2003)B.A., International Christian U., Tokyo, Japan; Ph.D., Yale U. James M. Warren, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering. U. of Mary Hardin-Baylor; M.S.W., Our Lady of the Lake U.; Ph.D., U. of Mary Hardin-Baylor. ; Ph.D., Texas Woman's U. Helen Shanley, M.M., Professor of Music. The earlier you start contributing to retirement plan investments, the more you can potentially save. Music, Juilliard School of Music; D.M.A., U. of Illinois. Take advantage of your jobs retirement benefits. (1965-1992)B.A., Baylor U.; M.A.,ibid. Larry J. Browning, Ed.D., Professor of Curriculum and Instruction. James D. Bargainer, Ph.D., Professor, School of Engineering and Computer Science. Fidelity Investment Options. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D.,ibid. Kenneth W. Busch, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry. Even if your plan doesn't allow cash distributions, you can withdraw your entire retirement savings if your TIAA Traditional Account value does not exceed $2,000 and your overall account balance is below a limit set by your employer's plan (either $1,000 or $5,000). William R. Reichenstein, Ph.D., Professor of Finance. Delta R. Hafford, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences. (1968-1989)B.S., U. of North Texas; M.S.,ibid. (1984-2014)B.A., Texas A&M U.; M.S., Washington U. in St. Louis; Ph.D.,ibid. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Ohio U. Charles J. Delaney, Associate Professor of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate. This will be identified as "TIAA Plan Servicing Credit" on your statements. Mary P. Nichols, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science. James Kennedy, Associate Professor of Religion (1986-2021)B.A., Palm Beach Atlantic College; M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.Phil., Drew U.; Ph.D., ibid. Gerald R. Powell, J.D., Professor and the Abner V. McCall Professor of Evidence. Roger L. Brooks, Ph.D., Professor of English. You can also contact us online. Richard B. Riley, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science. Richard Durn, Professor of French (1983-2021)B.A., U. of Dallas; M.A., U. of North Texas; Ph.D., Cornell U. Preston M. Dyer, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work. Annuities are designed for retirement and other long-term goals. Plan to save at least enough to cover the essential and inevitable expenses, like healthcare, long after you retire. *Investment advice is available through TIAA using an advice methodology from Morningstar Investment Management, LLC. Its California Certificate of Authority number is 3092. (1985-2003)B.S., The College of William & Mary; Ph.D., U. of Texas. Andy J. Moore, Ph.D., Professor of English. ; Ph.D., U. of Michigan. 15% increase in Pre-65 dependent coverage . Lane G. Collins, D.B.A., Professor of Accounting. Does it still make sense in relation to your age and lifestyle? ), Northwestern U.; Ph.D. You must begin taking minimum distributions from your IRAs and employer retirement plan accounts by your required beginning date (or retirement, if later for employer retirement plan accounts). Your contributions will be automatically invested in the State Street Target Retirement Funds Class K with Fidelity unless you choose another investment at Fidelity or TIAA. David Hendon, Ph.D., Professor of History. (1986-2011)B.S., Texas Woman's U.; M.Ed., Sam Houston State U.; Ph.D., Texas Woman's U. Charles S. Madden, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing. . (1982-2018)B.S., Baylor U.; M.S., ibid. (1981-2014).B.A., Connecticut College; Ph.D., Yale U. Barbara L. Bennett, Ph.D., Professor of Music Education. B.A., U. of Michigan; M.A., ibid. ; Ph.D.,ibid. A mutual fund is a pool of securities, such as stocks and bonds, managed by an investment company. Think about using the Retirement Advisor ToolOpens in a new window to get more insights or call one of our experienced financial consultants to discuss more options at 800-842-2252. Some recent admissions statistics for Baylor College of Medicine's class of 2025 include: Matriculants: 188 (86% Texas residents) Median GPA: 3.92 Median MCAT score: 518 There is no minimum GPA or MCAT requirement to apply to the Baylor College of Medicine. ; Ph.D., U. of Texas. (1970-1974, 1976-2010)B.S.N., Baylor U.; M.S.N., U. of Minnesota; Ph.D., U. of North Texas. A lump-sum payment, subject to a surrender fee, may be available depending on your plan rules and the terms of your contract. W. Music, D.M.A., Professor of Academic Studies. Louis Muldrow, J.D., Professor and the Abner V. McCall Professor of Evidence. Charles H. Talbert, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Religion. Each of the foregoing is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. Martha L. Sanford, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Nursing. Based on community levels of COVID-19, Baylor Medicine no longer requires masks while in our clinics. Tenured professors who have served the College with special distinction at BCM for at least 10 years may be eligible for the position of "Distinguished Emeritus" Professor upon retirement and upon recommendation of the head of the Academic Unit in which the candidate has his or her primary appointment and formal action of the Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee, the Academic Council, the President, and the Board of Trustees. Patricia A. Hickey, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics. Juanita G. Price, M.S., Associate Professor of Nursing. Each is solely responsible for its own financial condition . Patricia A. You can receive the current interest earned on your TIAA Traditional Account in monthly payments. Mary Margaret Shoaf, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics. Interests in the retirement healthcare program are offered solely by the employer. If you were born in 1959, federal guidance is needed to determine if your RMD Applicable Age is 73 or 75. (1981-2011)B.S.N., Northern Illinois U.; M.S.N., U. of Tennessee, Knoxville; Ph.D., U. of North Texas. Robert H. Ray, Ph.D., Professor of English. *Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying capability of the insurer. Founded in 1860, New York Medical College (NYMC), one of the nation's largest private health sciences universities, is the leading academic biomedical research university between New York City and the state capital of Albany, NY. G.W.K. TIAA Traditional is a guaranteed insurance contract and not an investment for federal securities law purposes. (1995)B.S., Wayland Baptist U.; M.Ed., Texas Tech U.; Ed.D., U. of Colorado. Endowed Chairs and Professorships. (E.E. (1970-2015)B.A., U. of Texas; M.A.,ibid. Each is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. (1975-1991)B.S., Baylor U.; M.S., Texas Woman's U.; Ph.D.,ibid. (1981-83, 1985-2001)B.S.N., U. of Texas, Arlington; M.S.N.,ibid. Have an edit or suggestion for this page? Johanna Guenther, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Nursing. (1976)B.A., Berea College; M.A., Michigan State U.; Ph.D.,ibid. An annuity is an insurance contract with one or more fixed-rate and variable investment options. ), U. of Texas. Investment decisions should be made based on the investors own objectives and circumstances. It's complimentary, thanks to your employer. Weeks, D.B.A., Professor of Marketing. (1989-2014)B.A., Duke U.; M.S., U. of Cincinnati; Ph.D., Texas A&M U. Eric C. Rust, Professor of History (1984-2022)B.A. (1986-2009)A.B., Wabash College; M.S., U. of Notre Dame; Ph.D.,ibid. Located in the heart of the world's largest medical center (Texas Medical Center), Baylor is affiliated . Linda F. Garner, Ph.D., Professor of Nursing. (1958-1999)B.S., Baylor U.; M.Ed., U. of Texas. If requested before 2 p.m. you will receive a response today. (1983-2003)B.S., Eastern New Mexico U.; M.S.,ibid. (1969-1996)B.M.E., Madison College; M.M., Baylor U.; Ph.D., U. of Texas. Personalized services provide access to a number of plan features and investments that you pay for, only if you use them. What is the difference between a mutual fund and an annuity? John Dunbar, Ph.D., Professor of Geosciences. Most employers require you to save a certain amount before they will match it when they do, its all extra money! Min., Chicago Theological Seminary; Ph.D., ibid. You may have access to these products when you choose your options in enrollment. ; LL.D. Otherwise, mutual funds and annuities are treated very similarly when offered as part of your employers retirement plan. (1982-2019)B.A., Baylor U.; M.A., U. of Houston; Ph.D., Northern Illinois U. Darrell S. Vodopich, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology. ; Ph.D., U. of Florida. (1974-2010)B.S., Florida Atlantic U.; Ph.D., Florida State U. Marianna S. Busch, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry. See CV Outline - Promotion. John L. Pisciotta, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics (1980-2012)B.A., U. of Colorado; Ph.D., U. of Texas. The most you can contribute in 2023 is $22,500 per IRS rules. (E.E. You can choose to receive income for a set period of two to 30 years, depending on the terms of our contract and your plan's rules (and not to exceed your life expectancy). Is there a tax advantage to owning variable annuities versus mutual funds? those enrolled in Medicare but not collecting Social Security ; Ph.D., ibid. Northern Illinois U.; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State U. William A. Mitchell, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science. This material is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute fiduciary investment advice under ERISA, a securities recommendation under all securities laws, or an insurance product recommendation under state insurance laws or regulations. (1970-2005)A.B., Washington U.; B.D., Eden Theological Seminary; M.A., State U. of New York; Ph.D., Cornell U. John C. Flynn, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience. 6.3% increase for Dental Plan. Martin Medhurst, Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Communication (2003-2021)B.A., Wheaton College; M.A. Thomas Harrison, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Accounting. Robert Cloud, Professor of Education Administration (1988-2021) B.S., Howard Payne College; M.S., Baylor U.; M.A., U. of Houston, Clear Lake; Ed.D., Baylor U. Linda R. Cobbs, M.L.S., Associate Professor, University Libraries. Bill T. Adams, Ph.D., Professor of Physics. Krassimira Jordan, Professor of Piano (1989-2021)Diploma, Sofia Conservatory of Music; M.M.A., Vienna Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. (1976-2017)B.A., Washington U.; M.A.,ibid. This material does not take into account any specific objectives or circumstances of any particular investor, or suggest any specific course of action. ; Ed.D.,ibid. Make a selection before beginning enrollment. (1956-1995)B.S., Auburn U.; M.A., U. of Alabama. No, there is no tax advantage to owning variable annuities or mutual funds in your TIAA-funded retirement plan. A. Dale Allen, Ph.D., Professor of Management. A set amount your beneficiary(ies) will receive from your retirement account if you die before taking income. Contact your HR Benefits Office for additional information and assistance. Richard Shanley, D.M.A., Professor of Music. Lawrence G. Felice, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology. Clement T. Goode, Ph.D., Professor of English. ; D.B.A., U. of Colorado; Ph.D.,ibid. Rinn M. Cloud, Ph.D., Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences. If you do not maintain a Retirement Choice and/or Retirement Choice Plus account and therefore no TIAA Plan Servicing Fee was assessed, your investment revenue share credit will be reduced by the amount of the fee inorder to cover plan administrative services expenses. Find out why.Get to Know Houston. The Office of Faculty Affairs & Faculty Development provides learning programs, conferences and other resources for Baylor faculty members. The providers above are independent entities and are not legally affiliated. (1972-2006)B.A., Baylor U.; B.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Baylor U.; M.A., Cornell U.; Ph.D.,ibid. Any savings have the potential to help in the future, but ideally, you still should aim for 10-15% of your pre-tax income annually. However, diversification doesn't guarantee against loss. Annuity contracts and certificates are issued by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA) and College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF), New York, NY. (1978-2016).B.A., U. of California at Los Angeles; M.A.,ibid. Greg Benesh, Professor of Physics. This will help guide which investments you choose. Ronald Beal, LL.M., Professor of Law. Please consult your legal or tax advisor. Robert T. Doty, Ph.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering. 1998-2023 Baylor College of Medicine | One Baylor Plaza, Houston, Texas 77030 | (713)798-4951Have an edit or suggestion for this page? Mary Ruth Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Art and Art History. (1988-2020)B.S., U.S. Military Academy, West Point; M.B.A., U. of South Carolina; Ph.D., ibid. Professional advice. Full-time faculty and staff members who are at least 21 years of age, and have completed one year of service with an accredited college or . ), Lamar U.; M.S. Bob E. Patterson, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Religion. Emeritus Faculty are nominated by their deans to the President through the Provost . ; M.B.A., ibid. Helen E. Benedict, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology. This Plan allows employees to contribute pre-tax contributions through payroll deductions. Reviewing your current investment mix to see if you need to rebalance your portfolio as you near retirement. Baylor College of Medicine contributes 8% of your base annual earnings to the plan. (1973-2018).B.B.A., Baylor U.; M.B.A.,ibid. Any guarantees under annuities issued by TIAA are subject to TIAA's claims-paying ability. (1982-2017)B.A., Iowa State U.; J.D., U. of Michigan. Donald L. Hardcastle, Ph.D., Professor of Physics. (1973-2008)B.S., Oklahoma Christian U. of Science and Arts; M.A., North Texas State U.; Ph.D., U. of Missouri. (1982-2020)B.A., Rice U.; M.S., Northwestern U.; M.S., Baylor U.; Ph.D., Northwestern U. Rena Bonem, Ph.D., Professor of Geosciences. (1980-2020)B.A., U. of Houston; M.A., ibid. For more information on fees and investments, refer to "Mutual Funds and In-Plan Annuities" via in a new window. Annuity contracts and certificates are issued by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA) and College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF), New York, NY. (1988-2009)B.S.E.E., Texas Tech U.; M.S.E.E., Southern Methodist U.; Ph.D.,ibid. (1984-2021)B.B.A., Texas Tech U.; J.D., U. of Oklahoma. View your investment options with TIAA here. S. Kay Toombs, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy. ; M.Div. This may be restricted by the terms of your TIAA contracts. Both options receive favorable tax treatment under the plan. America's fourth largest city is a great place to live, work and play. Keep in mind: You may need to complete the required form found at Baylor College of MedicineOpens in a new window to tell your employer how much money you want taken out of each paycheck. Owning mutual funds can reduce risk through diversification and professional management, and allow you to potentially invest in a broad range of asset classes U.S. and non-U.S. stocks, bonds, and real estate with smaller amounts of assets. (1962-2004)B.A., Mississippi College; M.A.,ibid. View and compare your investment options before you enroll. Password: Use 6 to 20 letters, numbers and/or special characters, Baylor College of Medicine 403(b) Tax Deferred Investment Plan, Baylor College of Medicine 401(a) Retirement Plan, Enrolling is fast and easy: Simply select. ; Ph.D., Kent State U. Rufus B. Spain, Ph.D., Professor of History. However, diversification doesn't guarantee against loss. E. Jeter Basden, Ed.D., Professor of Religion. An annuity is an insurance contract with one or more fixed-rate and variable investment options. We offer several services in order to prepare students for the often rigorous journey in becoming a doctor, including: Premedicine students are encouraged to select a major in which they feel they will . (1981-2020)B.A., Baylor U.; M.A., U. of Nebraska; Ph.D., Brown U. Ann E. Rushing, Ph.D., Professor of Biology. (1977-2018)B.S., Jacksonville State U.; M.A., U. of Alabama, Birmingham; Ph.D., U. of Alabama.

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